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“Simulators for Teaching Limited” (Sim4t) are suppliers of sophisticated, virtual teaching laboratory experiments and support material. Our simulators are suitable for university undergraduate and postgraduate teaching laboratories, colleges and schools.

Flexibility in use and delivery: use our simulators through your web browser or download Windows Software from our website.


Sim4Web -Web Based Software

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Use an absorption spectrometer simulator through your web browser and enter a virtual laboratory with chemicals, a wet bench and carefully designed undergraduate experiments. Find out more about Sim4Web here.


Sim4Web: Example wet bench

Sim4Web: Example wet bench

The Virtual Flask

For solution preparation & dilution:

Sim4Web Virtual Flask

Sim4Web: The Virtual Flask


Teachers/supervisors: let your students prepare solutions safely without using chemicals & solvents.

Students: gain experience in accurately preparing solutions.

Take the Virtual Flask Challenge!

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Once, prepared in the virtual flask analyse your sample using an absorption spectrometer simulator:

The UV-Vis Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Sim4Web: Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Sim4Web: Absorption Spectrometer Simulator


Find out more about Sim4Web here or go straight to our Demo Site: simply login as demo@sim4t.com and use the password: “demoonly”.

Register here for Sim4Web at our secure site and pick up your complimentary session!

Windows Software

-simply download the software from our website and contact us us for a licence key to activate.

The Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer Simulator:


Windows: Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer Simulator



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Experiment Simulators.







The UV-Vis Absorption Spectrometer Simulator:

Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Windows: Absorption Spectrometer Simulator



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information on
UV-Vis Absorption
Spectrometer Simulators.







We aim to make our simulators widely available to users and simple to operate. Whatever your budget, location or situation we have a simulator just right for you:

Own outright

Download the software from our web site and pay a one-off sum to receive your licence key. Contact us for further information.

Sign up to one of our flexible licence plans  (Sim4Web)

Licence the software annually or for a period that suits you. Contact us for further information.

Pay Per Session Web Based Simulator (Sim4Web)

Use instantly through your web browser and pay per experimental laboratory session. All you need is an internet connection. Contact us for purchasing options. Click here to visit the Demo Site (login as demo@sim4t.com with password, “demoonly”) or register to access the full secure site.

Find out more about purchasing laboratory sessions here.

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Department of Chemical Sciences, the University of Limerick, Eire:

“We had to design 5 undergraduate laboratory practicals as part of a new module: the Sim4t simulator is running perfectly within that lab – no problems whatsoever! It is very easy to use and is a very popular experiment with the students. Sim4t support were very helpful in getting us up and running initially with the software. We have subsequently managed to advance how we teach and connect with over 30 additional chemistry students to our existing lab cohort, per semester, using the Sim4t simulation software and thus, ultimately, improving teaching efficiency.”


School of Chemistry, University of Cork, Eire:

“We were looking for cost effective ways for advancing our practicals so the simulation experiments were ideal. Sim4t has been fantastic to deal with and extremely helpful.”


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Sim4t are proud to acknowledge the support of Scottish Enterprise  in the form of a SMART:SCOTLAND Feasibility award.



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