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Simulators for Teaching Limited was formed in 2011 by a team of experts in scientific instrumentation and teaching.  Our aim is to make sophisticated laboratory experiments affordable for every teaching laboratory and available to every science student.

“There is no substitute for practical experience”

Modern scientific instruments are invariably driven from a computer screen.  The experience of running our simulators is indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Meet our Founder

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Dr Linda Swanson is one of the founders of Simulators for Teaching Ltd, who has a strong academic background in UK based universities.

She gained a BSc in Chemistry in 1985 and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry in 1989 from Heriot- Watt University, Edinburgh. Following a period in industry, she returned to academia in 1991 securing a lectureship at Lancaster University and ultimately serving as a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

Linda has extensive experience in devising practical teaching experiments aimed at undergraduate university science students and has developed lecture courses and support material for physical science students. Furthermore, she has more than 20 years “hands on experience” of teaching science students in teaching laboratories.

Aside from teaching, Linda is an internationally recognised polymer chemist specialising in luminescence spectroscopy who has published more than 80 research papers in the open literature and several book chapters.

Linda brings an exciting combination of academic, research and business expertise to the company.


Our partners and associates


Sim4t has worked closely with Cogent Focus who specialise in providing cloud based solutions, to develop our online software platform, Sim4Web.


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Sim4t is proud to be associated with Milamber Ventures Plc, who provide advisory services and invest in education businesses. The following quote is from Andy Hasoon, Chairman of Milamber, who sees the virtue and excitement of using simulators in science teaching:

“Digital technologies are innovating the way we learn, and we have to adapt the legacy methodologies we use to make education better. If we look back in history, the “Lecture and Scribe” methodology stemmed from the Monastic tradition and lasted hundreds of years. The “Case Study” was introduced in 1890’s – creating a two-way dialogue around a real-world example. But it was the “Simulation” that started to be used in the 1930’s to keep young pilots alive and from destroying expensive planes.

A vital part of science education is practical laboratory experiments. Learning by doing. However, the provision of laboratory classes is expensive for traditional Universities and is a major challenge for organisations involved in online or distance learning. Clearly, world class science teaching needs to involve training using world class equipment. Simulators for Teaching (Sim4t) are developing and selling world class science experiments based on simulators. These enable Universities, Colleges and Schools, to provide better science education, at lower cost, to a wider range of students.

Let us give you a simple example: A “Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer” costs around £80,000, putting it outside the reach of most teaching laboratories. The simulator based experiment produced by Sim4T costs £1,000 and is therefore easily affordable and much more accessible as it can be used in laboratories or in a distance or online learning environment.

On a personal note my degree was in Bio Medical Engineering, and Bio Medical Materials Science from Queen Mary and Westfield College part of University of London. When Linda and her team showed me the Sim4t simulations the value proposition, flexibility, and massive cost savings were evident immediately which is why Milamber is supporting Sim4t.com in getting these products into learning organisations in the UK and around the world.”

Andy Hasoon, Chairman
Milamber Ventures plc