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Simulators for the web (Sim4Web) is a web based browser environment, hosted “in the cloud” that allows users to perform experiments using virtual apparatus and  UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulators. Sim4Web is held in a secure location that requires a user to register and log onto the web site.

Sim4Web: A New Concept in Education!

Use an absorption spectrometer simulator through your web browser and enter a virtual
laboratory with chemicals, a wet bench and carefully designed undergraduate experiments
for chemistry, physics, biology, general science, forensic science and pharmacy students!

Sim4Web: Example wet bench

Sim4Web: Example wet bench

Our teaching packs contain a UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator, flasks, chemicals, solvents, pipettes, glassware and experimental procedures, in fact all you need to perform a wide range of experiments- and you don’t even need to leave your computer screen!

We cover a variety of topics: Everything from studying the kinetics of the crystal violet/sodium hydroxide reaction to determining the level of aspirin in a blood sample- we have it all!  Take a look at our product page.

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The Virtual Flask

Users can weigh out material and fill to the graduated mark with virtual solvent. Perform dilutions of your stock solution using a variety of pippettes and volumetric flasks.

Sim4Web Virtual Flask

Sim4Web: The Virtual Flask

Then study your virtual solutions using the UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator.

The UV-Vis Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Our UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator allows users to set up the wavelength range control the scan speed, set the mode of operation (absorbance or transmittance) or operate at a single wavelength –it’s just like using the real thing!

Sim4Web: Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Sim4Web: Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Any questions? Contact our experts who will be happy to help.

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Sim4t are proud to acknowledge the support of Scottish Enterprise in the form of a SMART:SCOTLAND Feasibility award.