UV-Vis Absorption Simulators

UV-Vis absorption experiments for chemists, biochemists, biologists, physicists and general scientists.

Let your students work their way through carefully designed experiments using a UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator.

UV-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy

Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy is concerned with measurement of the interaction of outer shell electrons with electromagnetic radiation in the range 190 nm to 700 nm. Electrons of organic compounds with a high degree of conjugation or aromaticity, transition metal irons and charge transfer complexes are active in this part of the spectral region. UV-Vis spectroscopy has many uses across science such as in monitoring the progress of a chemical reaction, through analysis of pharmaceutical substances and in biology, in investigation of proteins. UV-Vis spectroscopy involves measurement of the fraction of incident electromagnetic radiation that is either absorbed or transmitted by a sample and this process can be described by the Beer-Lambert Law. One of the key features of this law is that the absorbance (the radiation that is absorbed by the sample) is related to the concentration of the absorbing species present which is important in analytical science and quantitative analyses.

UV-Vis absorption measurements can be performed at a single wavelength or across a broad range of wavelengths when a spectrum is produced. A spectrum can serve as a fingerprint for a compound which is of importance in identification of unknown materials (or qualitative analyses) but can also provide information concerning the degree of conjugation or aromaticity present in a sample.


The UV-Vis Absorption Spectrometer Simulator:

Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

Absorption Spectrometer Simulator

We have three absorption experiments available: one concerning the identification of an unknown mixture, the second determines the amount of aromatic label in a polymer sample and the third allows users to examine the spectra of a selection of materials. More information can be found here.


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System Requirements

Our simulators do not require the latest or the greatest computers. If you have a new PC then great but if you need to use an obsolete PC running Windows-98 SE or later then, provided it can read a CD you can probably use it.


What to do next?

Simply download the fully functional “demonstration version” of our software for evaluation purposes. If you wish to proceed to purchase a full licence for teaching purposes contact our sales department to arrange payment following which you will also receive additional documentation and other support material.