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Sim4t Features in Chemistry International!

Read about our online chemistry lab simulations & experiments in the January 2022 edition of the International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry news magazine.

Sim4Web: Our Online Virtual laboratory

Use an absorption spectrometer simulator through your web browser and enter a virtual laboratory with chemicals, a wet bench and carefully designed undergraduate experiments. Find out more about Simulators for the Web (Sim4Web) here.

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  • Over 92% of respondents said that online chemistry experiments and simulations were useful.
  • 95% would like to have online chemistry simulations to compliment their current science programme.
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Our online experiments were developed by a unique combination of experts in teaching, instrumentation & software development 

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We are an innovative company among the first to deliver online Chemistry/Science experiments using simulators

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“We had to design 5 undergraduate laboratory practicals as part of a new module: the Sim4t simulator is running perfectly within that lab – no problems whatsoever! It is very easy to use and is a very popular experiment with the students. Sim4t support were very helpful in getting us up and running initially with the software. We have subsequently managed to advance how we teach and connect with over 30 additional chemistry students to our existing lab cohort, per semester, using the Sim4t simulation software and thus, ultimately, improving teaching efficiency.”
Department of Chemical Sciences, the University of Limerick, Eire
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“We were looking for cost effective ways for advancing our practicals so the simulation experiments were ideal. Sim4t has been fantastic to deal with and extremely helpful.”
School of Chemistry, University College Cork, Eire
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“The experiments cover the requirements very well for a good understanding of the spectrophotometer. They have a good library of compounds and different experiments to determine unknown substances that bring a deep understanding of the method. Therefore, the software is very practical for students in biochemistry or biology helping them to understand the principle of the method and the way it is used in a clinical laboratory. The experimental procedure and documents are simple and professionally written so that a teacher can easily create a good experimental protocol.”
Department of Anatomy, Biophysics and Physiology, University of Bucharest, Romania
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“Sim4t was a great alternative for our labs during covid and I think that it allowed us to understand the experiments supporting Beer Lambert. The software ensures that appropriate planning and preparation is made for the experiments whilst considering factors such as limited amounts of reactants and equipment sizing. The software itself is intuitive and represents the in-person experiment very well..”
College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Brunel University, London, UK

Sim4t are proud to acknowledge the support of Scottish Enterprise in the form of a SMART:SCOTLAND Feasibility award.