Pricing & FAQ

We provide examples of the savings which can be achieved through multi token purchases. Common questions about access to our software (both online and downloadable) are answered here.

Access to the Online System (Sim4Web) is via

Digital Token

Access to the online simulations (Sim4Web) is via our secure website and digital token. Each token buys one experimental session for one user. We offer very attractive discounts for multiple purchases:

Multi-purchase Discounts

Base Price


/per token
50 Digital Tokens


/40% saving
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100 Digital Tokens


/50% saving
Access to the Fluorescence Experiments is via

Digital Download

Access to the fluorescence  downloadable simulations is via our website. Simply download a demo version of the software to your pc. For a fully functional and licenced version please contact Sales.

Have Any Questions?


Common questions are answered via the menu on the right. Still have a question? Please contact us!

Basically, anyone should be able to perform the online experiments since they come complete with lecture notes and detailed experimental procedures to guide the user through operation of the software. The experiments are certainly suitable for post 16 students.

Register and login to our secure site. Purchase a digital token and set up an experimental session.

Yes, you can do this except for the real time kinetics experiments. A kinetic run must go through until completion during a single session otherwise your data will be lost.

The online experiments use a UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator and cover various topics such as spectroscopic analyses and  complex mixtures through to reaction kinetcis.

The simulations are suitable for post 16 students at schools, universities and colleges. These experiments are suitable for chemistry, physics, biology, pharmacy and general science students.

You can do this via the secure website and PayPal or you can contact our sales department who will be happy to lead you through the purchasing process. We can provide quotations on request. Submit a purchase order to Sales who will then issue an invoice providing our banking details and payment terms. Once your payment has been submitted and cleared, your account will normally be credited with digital tokens within 24 hours.

The fluorescence experiments can be accessed here. Simply download a demo version of the program to your pc. If you would like to purchase a fully functional version for teaching purposes then contact Sales who will organise issuing a licence to you and provide additional documentation.