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Simulators for the Web (Sim4Web) is the platform that hosts our online simulations in a virtual laboratory  held in “the cloud”

Online Chemistry Experiments


Sim4Web allows users to perform experiments using virtual apparatus and a UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator. Sim4Web is held in a secure location that requires a user to register and log onto the web site.

Use an absorption spectrometer simulator through your web browser and enter a virtual laboratory with chemicals, a wet bench & carefully designed undergraduate experiments for chemistry, physics, biology, general science, forensic science and pharmacy students!

Our teaching packs contain a uv-vis absorption spectrometer simulator, flasks, chemicals, solvents, pipettes, glassware & experimental procedures, in fact all you need to perform a wide range of experiments – & you don’t need to leave your computer screen!


Experiment 1, Beer-Lambert Law and Identification of an Unknown Mixture
Students learn about qualitative and quantitative analyses using the absorption spectrometer simulator.

Experiment 2, Beer-Lambert Law and Determination of the Aromatic Label Loading in a Synthetic Polymer

Students can determine the amount of aromatic dye in various synthetic polymer samples.

Experiment 3, UV-Vis Absorption Spectrometer Simulator & a Library of Compounds
A library of compounds in solution can be prepared in a virtual flask and examined using the absorption spectrometer simulator. Everything from food dyes through to transition metal complexes from simple aromatics to complex dyes. Supervisors can make up complex mixtures and allocate to individual students.

Experiment 4, Beer-Lambert Law and the Kinetics of the Crystal Violet-Sodium Hydroxide Reaction
Students can examine the kinetic behvaiour of this reaction and determine the rate law using the absorption spectrometer simulator.

Experiment 5, Beer-Lambert Law and the Temperature Dependence of the Crystal Violet-Sodium Hydroxide Reaction
Students can examine the temperature behaviour of this reaction using the absorption spectrometer simulator.

Experiment 6, Beer-Lambert Law and Determination of the Level of Aspirin in a Blood Sample & Tablet
Let your students play detective! and determine the dose of aspirin in a blood sample & in an unknown tablet taken from the scene of a suspected overdose. The highly coloured complex which forms between sodium acetylsalicylate and iron (iii) chloride is used to detect the level of aspirin in various samples via absorption spectroscopy.

Experiment 7, Ultraviolet-Visible Absorption Spectroscopy & Colour in Chemical Solutions
An introductory experiment on UV-Vis Spectroscopy : students find out about the relationship between colour and spectra. Various food dyes and transition metal complexes are examined using the spectrometer simulator and students can build up their own spectrochemical series. A Beer-Lambert experiment can be performed to determine the concentration of an unknown chromium nitrate sample allocated by their supervisor.