Simulators for the Web (Sim4Web) is the platform that hosts our online simulations in a virtual laboratory  held in “the cloud”

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Simulators for Schools is managed via Simulators for the web (Sim4Web), a web based browser environment that allows users to perform experiments using virtual apparatus and a UV-Vis absorption spectrometer simulator. 


Sim4Web is held in a secure location that requires a user to register and log onto the web site.

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Online Chemistry Experiments



Our introductory experiment (Experiment 7 in our catalogue) covers the basics of Ultraviolet-Visible Absorption Spectroscopy and comes complete with lecture notes and all of the virtual apparatus and instrumentation required to perform the online exercises.

Glassware 320 KB

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Online Chemistry Experiments


We cover a variety of topics: Everything from studying the kinetics of the crystal violet/sodium hydroxide reaction to determining the level of aspirin in a blood sample. Take a look at our product page.